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Access, Lifting, Pulling and Safety (ALPS) Ltd

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ALPS Engineered Access systems & services provide industry with bespoke Access, Lifting, Pulling & Safety solutions continuously assisting clients when working on new or existing structures.

These structures range from the conventional to the unusual.

The criteria incorporated in the solution is always based on Safety and Efficiency.

ALPS can supply standard Suspended Access Equipment from stock, this equipment used to solve many conventional site requirements.

We also design, supply and install special Access and Lifting systems to ensure the most challenging of applications is safely and effectively concluded.

With many years of experience and safely concluded projects on-file we are pleased to discuss with you any specific application and to help you arrive at a solution that satisfies your particular demands.


ALPS Engineered Access Systems for use on buildings and other structures provides safe & efficient suspended access platforms for all types of façade and soffit construction and maintenance projects.

When ALPS suspended access platforms are used in conjunction with materials lifting equipment maximum productivity can be achieved.

Through client consultation, ALPS Façade Access Systems are specifically designed to suit each individual project with inherent safety being of paramount importance throughout the process.

All Temporary Suspended Platforms are installed and managed on-site by ALPS trained and competent operatives who perform all required daily inspection and preventative maintenance tasks.