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Alimak Group

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Alimak Group is a world-leading provider of vertical access solutions for professional use and has been a pioneer and industry leader for over 70 years. With a global reach spanning over more than 100 countries, the Group offers vertical access solutions adding customer value through greater safety, productivity and resource efficiency.

The Group’s products and solutions are sold under the brands Alimak, CoxGomyl, Manntech, Avanti and Alimak Service, brands with strong market recognition and known for their strong safety record, high quality and durability.

The Group has an installed base of over 70,000 elevators, hoists, platforms, service lifts and building maintenance units around the world. Founded in Sweden 1948, the Group has its headquarters in Stockholm, 10 production and assembly facilities in 8 countries and 2,300 employees around the world.

As a global player with sales to over 100 countries, market conditions for the Group vary by geographical region and customer sectors. The Group’s vertical access solutions and services are tailored to meet these different end-market requirements.

The Group has specialised in vertical access solutions for professional use, with rack-and-pinion and traction-based technologies for elevator systems and platforms. The Group’s façade access portfolio also includes certain hydraulic technology.

The Group is well-positioned to take advantage of important, global macro-economic trends in both mature as well as emerging markets which form the basis for market growth: demographics, productivity and sustainability.


Vertical access solutions include products which make it possible to safely and efficiently move personnel and materials between different heights and under varying circumstances.

Generally, markets or applications for vertical access solutions for commercial premises and residences are focused on escalators, passenger elevators and staircases, while markets or applications for industry and construction focus on cranes, scaffolding, service elevators and hoists or transport platforms.

Alimak Group is market leader in permanent vertical access solutions for industry sectors and mobile solutions for the construction market.

Alimak Group’s operations are organised into four divisions: BMU, Construction, Industrial and Wind.

The divisions are responsible for product planning, marketing, sales and earnings.