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When it comes to pest control in London, Dyno-Pest understands what is required to handle the problems you are experiencing.

Unwanted pests can take a hold of your home and cause a vast amount of damage while other pests such as pigeons and seagulls can become nothing more than a nuisance.

What we offer is a simple solution that uses the latest methods to deal with these pests in the best possible way.

We are proud of the fact that we are a member of The British Pest Control Association and have been for more than 20 years, helping clients across London deal with a whole range of pests and the problems they present.

We are experts in pest control and pest riddance throughout London which means that one call to us is all it takes to deal with your pest problems.

We Take an Environmentally Friendly Approach

We might offer a service that eradicates pests and controls pests but we place an emphasis on ensuring we take a responsible approach in all that we do. We use environmentally friendly methods to efficiently remove pests which can include the likes of rodents, bed bugs and even nuisance birds. When we arrive at your London property, we carry out a full assessment of the problem and then look for a suitable solution that delivers impressive results.

We use the latest chemical and non-chemical treatments as well as heat treatments to tackle your problem with ease and efficiency. Furthermore, we also use effective and humane deterrents, helping to make your problem a thing of the past.

Commercial Pest Control

If your commercial property in London suffers from pest problems then this could have a significant impact on your business. It can impact your reputation, it can damage stock and your property but we have the ability to tackle the problems that you face in the right way.

At Dyno-Pest, we have a full range of pest removal services, all of which are proven to work.

Our team of experts have experience and a complete understanding of what is required to manage your problem. They will visit your premises and carry out a thorough analysis in order to determine the right course of action.

Once the problem has been identified, they will then implement the right solutions, ensuring you no longer suffer from pest problems. Our goal is to prevent and eliminate pests and through ongoing contracts, we can manage pest control at regular intervals throughout the year.