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About Us

The healthy space specialists

We create, maintain, and monitor healthy spaces – using pioneering online and apps-based technology. This includes working with the best suppliers and products in the marketplace to deliver long lasting and scientifically tested air and surface protection.

Our mission is to ensure that your business or facility is healthy and virus free. And should there be a virus or sickness outbreak, our measuring and monitoring system will ensure its prompt detection and containment.

By helping clients manage risk from an environmental and people perspective we keep their organisations moving safely in a spirit of positivity and inclusivity. It all starts with a conversation so please get in touch.

Our mission

Envelo was borne out of recent flu outbreaks with a remit to create, maintain and monitor healthy spaces using new online and apps-based technology, process change and the best suppliers and products in the marketplace.

Our mission is straightforward; to ensure that your ‘bubble’ is healthy and virus free – day in and day out. And should you experience a virus or other sickness outbreak our measuring and monitoring system will ensure it is detected at the earliest stages.

Because of this early detection your risk of closure (and of staff sickness) significantly reduces. Your organisation operates uninterrupted. The confidence your people have remains undimmed and their positive wellbeing plus the recognition they are involved in this highly collaborative process are important benefits.


Air. Surfaces. People.


Long lasting surface protection. This is enhanced by testing of surfaces before, during and post application– This enables trend and risk analysis.


Improving air quality, reducing risk of infection, and enhancing wellbeing.


Understanding proximity and crowding.
– Utilising Internet of Things technology to actively monitor
– Home testing and best in market low usage/high protection hand sanitising kits along with capture of data.

Behavioural Analysis and training consultancy

Understanding your workforce and your current cleaning process and working day process

Digital Analytics

We turn the data collected at various stages and locations into usable and useful information for you.

Influence/set standards

We work with you to provide data and evidence so you can challenge any restrictions that have been imposed on your organisation.