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Huck Nets UK

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Huck Nets UK manufactures made to order and custom netting solutions

Established in 1996, Huck Nets UK is the largest manufacturer of made to order and bespoke netting in the UK. Blending traditional and modern techniques, our world-renowned knotless netting can be made to any shape and size.

We are best known for producing custom netting for use in construction, sports and industrial projects. Additionally, we produce bespoke netting solutions for domestic use and for use in bird control.

Safety Netting

Safety nets are an essential piece of equipment in the construction industry. Contractors will often install a safety net system as a fall prevention method to protect workers by minimising the maximum fall height, preventing serious injury.

Huck Nets make and supply a range of construction and fall arrest safety netting solutions. These range from standard size fall arrest nets to safety nets with debris overlay and partly fixed sheets. We can also manufacture bespoke safety net systems for construction projects.

Industrial Netting Solutions

Industrial netting can be used for various purposes, from litter prevention on landfill sites to safety netting on a building site and even keeping kids safe.

Huck Nets has been manufacturing industrial netting solutions since 1996 from reliable materials that ensure our clients are kept safe on the job and adhere to the latest industry standards. Our industrial netting solutions can be purchased online with many items in stock and ready to ship.

We supply industrial netting solutions for projects across the world. We’ve manufactured a range of solutions from netting industrial sites like warehouses and building sites to providing lifting nets and debris netting.

We can also accommodate bespoke ideas if your project is complex or requires special materials like rope and debris netting overlay. Below are just some of the net products we can create for your business.