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Nationwide Safety


Established in 2010, Nationwide Safety a company specialising in enabling safe working at height with a clear mission:

To provide customers with an impeccable quality of work. From planning to striking, Nationwide Safety strives to add extra detail to avoid and overcome possible obstacles.

We support our local area by creating employment. We are also conscious of our effect on the environment. Therefore, we minimise our environmental impact where possible. Including using a low emission, AdBlue fleet of vehicles.

We provide bespoke services for working at height. This means contributing fully compliant safety and access systems, installed professionally by our highly trained and experienced team.

In each project, all installations are carried out by our highly accredited and professional employees, all of whom are committed to compliance and closely managed by our experienced project manager.


We offer a wide range of services for your safety and access needs including but not limited to:

Collective fall arrest minimising distance and consequences of a fall. Installed to be compliant to FASET Standards, BS 8411:2007 & BSEN1263-1 & 2

Specifically designed to help prevent falls while providing a handhold support. Designed and tested to Classes A, B & C compliant with BSEN 13374:2013

Haki brand stair towers to increase safety and productivity with slip-proof stair treads and landings. Installed to manufacturers guidance

Fast and effective solutions to access hard to reach areas. Often eliminating the need for scaffolding or plant and reducing project times.

Recognised by the HSE as an acceptable method for access where work at height cannot be avoided. Installed to FASET standards, a great cost effective alternative to crash deck scaffolding

Safety decking provides a safe working platform for trades and eliminates the risk of a fall from height. We offer 2 versions to cover your needs no matter what the project entails