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Seddon Management Services

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Seddon Management Services strives to offer the best solutions for trade associations to keep their members safe and compliant.

With over 20 years’ experience, Seddon Management Services has provided a range of quality services to our client trade associations and their members. With involvement every step of the way, we’ve seen organisations grow into the large, established forces they are now. Our commitment and passion to each and every client is why the majority has been with us for many years.

We’ve also been involved in the setup of various new trade associations and not-for-profit organisations, so we have experience in nurturing start-ups and small yet ambitious ideas.

Our daily work brings us into constant contact with many industries and professions, with government (UK and EU) and its agencies. Working with Seddon Management Services you will gain valuable resource, with a team of dedicated and experienced professionals.

Our highly experienced and dynamic team provides additional capacity and capabilities by engaging companies about how they can operate safely and compliantly as well supporting them with work-winning opportunities as they look to grow. We combine strong expertise with specialist insight, helping to transform businesses by supporting them to adapt and meet their regulators’ and customers’ ever-changing requirements.

We are currently a trusted partner to hundreds of companies, offering a range of services designed to support long-term success.

As well as expert advisors in a range of key business growth areas our team can support in important areas of an organisation – from audit, business development and investment to online and offline marketing and services.

We’re proud to be part of the fabric of association life with a great many fantastic clients.

So, whether member organisations are looking for support to remain safe and compliant or to take their business to the next level, we can provide the guidance and advice that will help to unlock their true potential.

Our Services


We work with a number of trade associations and governing bodies to meet regularly to develop and review a range of freely available guidance to ensure all our clients have the information and support they need to keep themselves and their members compliant.


We offer a range of cost-effective solutions to help streamline your business and assist with the daily duties so you can meet the demands of your objectives. From administrative duties, through to financial and legal assistance, we can provide services tailored to each and every need.


If you are looking to improve your marketing activities, we have a range of dedicated solutions and specialist consultants to work with your specific requirements. We can support with a range of requirements including website building, branding and stationery, online SEO & advertising, and profile raising to help build your business grow today and in the future.